Content Distribution Strategy

General Content Distribution Strategy

A down and dirty for getting the most mileage out of any piece of content: use this strategy for content distribution that helps you get your message out across your platform/network, using a ‘megaphone.’  Each time a new piece of content is ready, do the following:

| RE-PURPOSE SHAMELESSLY | repurpose your content

1.       add it to your website (new post or new page) why? Because you need a link to send people back to 🙂

  • post it in its respective place on your website [i.e. blog post in blog section/blog site with a category assigned to it; press releases in your media room, videos in your video library [with a transcript!]

2.       tweet it out to your followers and the world

  • send a descriptive, enticing tweet (120 characters so people can RT) [linking to the ‘new blog post’ on your site]

3.       post it on your Facebook profile or fan page ~ or both

  • post an intro or a ‘comment’ about it (430 characters) [include link back to your site for where the content resides]

4.   post it on your Google+ company page

  • one of the great benefits of Google+ is that you are not limited to a certain number of characters, so feel free to ‘flesh it out’ here [include a link back to the content on your site ~ and, you can take advantage of the back-link from your post on Google+]  [include link back to your site for where the content resides]

5.   include it in email marketing campaign

  • send an email marketing message including the information (try and gather at least 3 different topics to send a ‘digest’ of the information – use intro paragraphs into the content and add links to ‘read more’ that lead back to your website

6.       add images and post to one of your Boards on Pinterest

  • include images and post to Pinterest with a link back the particular article [BONUS: add ‘alt tags’ to your images and pick a file name with keywords included in it to increase the likelihood someone lands on your content] [people ‘read’ {i.e. scan} your content using the images as guideposts – help them navigate your content quickly and efficiently [BONUS: be sure to add ‘alt tags’ to your images and pick a file name with keywords included in it to increase the likelihood someone lands on your content] ~ for even more SEO  bonus, add your images to an Instagram or Flickr Library!

7.       create a video & post on YouTube | Vimeo | Metacafe

  • release a video with it (if possible), but if a video is not possible, release it with a presentation [made with Animoto, etc] posted on Yudu and Slideshare [create a 30 second video with music and words and pictures]
    • post image with link to YouTube on blog post (or in a Press Release or whatever kind of specifupload it to Metacafe and send a descriptive, enticing tweet to that link [i.e. to the video hosted on Metacafe’s server]
    • upload it to Vimeo and share that video in an email marketing message with a link to the video [i.e. to the video hosted on Vimeo’s server]
    • upload it to Google Places as part of your listing if it should be in the top 10
    ic content it is if applicable)

8.       create a ‘freebie’ or ‘giveaway’ using the information (for example 20 Tips for becoming a Social Savvy) and post it to your brand’s Library on Slideshare and/or       

          Yudu {this should not be sales-y, but instead a resource/reference for a consumer trying to make a buying decision}

*Here is a step-by-step guide to uploading content to your Slideshare library, click here to get this downloadable guide.

9.       incorporate the content into a press release

  • use a service like Pitch Engine to incorporate all the social aspects and to bring it all together in one place.

So, one piece of content can be ‘repurposed’ and used in multiple places – all you have to do is ‘re-package’ it and re-distribute it on one of your other channels.

Take a look at this Schedule for Content Production and Distribution to see how it all fits together.  You can download it and use it to create your own version.  Feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance!

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