Facebook: Social Media Channel and Powerful Marketing Tool

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s mission is to ‘make the world a more open and connected place.’  Businesses can take advantage of this and connect with potential customers as well as their existing ones.

When people think of Facebook they think it’s for high school and college kids but out of the 500 million Facebook members two thirds of them are actually out of college. Facebook has become (and continues to improve!) a great place for businesses of all sizes to leverage the two-way conversation happening around their brand/service/product.  It allows you to participate as a brand, where you are welcomed and your fans can develop a relationship with your business. All you have to do is create a fan page for your company and Facebook will automatically add you into the search engine results giving you an opportunity to bring traffic to your website.  The question many businesses have though is how can Facebook truly help my business? Facebook has become more than just a place to talk to friend, and it includes many different ways for a business to promote themselves such as:

  • The fan page itself is ‘outside’ of Facebook’s walled garden and is ‘index-able’ by the search engines
  • The “like” button on the top of the page which is there for people who are interested in your area of business or products to be assured they see your posts in their newsfeed
  • The wall which allows you to post links to your content (do this sparingly as its not about selling here!), specials for fans only, events, videos, blogs, and photos about your business all in one place so your fans can interact with your brand and get a good sense of what you’re all about
  • If your page is set up as a Place, your fans can check-in at your business and help get the word out to your fans friends, thereby increasing the number of eyeballs on your brand
  • Facebook Advertising (similar to Google AdWords and other Pay-Per-Click campaigns but on a friendlier budget)

Let’s talk about Facebook Marketing…

If you’re looking for some great ways to get your fans to LIKE your Facebook page so that your posts show up in their newsfeed and they can interact with them, check out these tips from Diana Urban on how to ensure that your followers do just that: Quick Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page.

Fan Question of the Month:  How do I leverage Facebook as a powerful and robust search engine?

Answer: As a Small Business Owner, you can leverage things like being able to see who yours or your competition’s fans are as well as visit and engage with pages similar to yours.  You have an opportunity to get a lot of information that can help you market better to your audience and to get the ultimate compliment and achieve your goals of engagement.

facebook search engine

Facebook is a powerful and robust search engine

Our Advice?  Understand who your audience is – more women than men?  Age group?  Where are they from?  When are they online?  See Facebook Insights – always up to date, but a word of caution – look for trends, not specific numbers … the stats will fluctuate – the question is: “Is it going the right way and if not, what do our fans tell us they like better and how do we do more of that?”

Facebook Insights are a powerful tool to use to get to know your audience.

Facebook Insights are a powerful tool to use to get to know your audience.

Now put yourself in your fans’ shoes … what would it take for you to do one or more of these four things with the content you’re about to share: LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, or CLICK … don’t share unless you’re adding value, making someone think, providing an answer to a question, giving them a moment to laugh/take a break … better to share less often with great stuff vs. on a schedule and more often with mediocre stuff … you’ll get more engagement by sharing great stuff A LOT … running out of good stuff?  Not producing your own content?  Sign up for Google Alerts and get notified of relevant and recent content about your topic.

Have fun and remember at the end of the day, Facebook and Social Media Marketing in general are about connecting with people … these accounts do not exist without humans – so remember that, and treat all your interactions as delicately  and with as much grace as you can 🙂 If you need help, let us know, we’re here to provide a roadmap to this often confusing world – we’ll help you get the tools and training you need to be a successful community manager.  How can we help you today?

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