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Using a Scheduler To Post Content On Your Social Media Channels

There are a number of things you need to do as a Community Manager, one of them is to make sure that your audience doesn’t hear crickets on your pages! Hootsuite or Buffer are great tools to make sure that your channels never go silent and they are constantly churning out awesome and helpful content links (even in your sleep!).  My preference (because I started on it way back in the social dinosaur ages around 2008 – and it’s evolved to meet all my needs for posting on social media channels) is Hootsuite‘s autoschedule function (and because I love their platform so much and it is one of the must-have online marketing tools in my online marketing toolkit, I also became an affiliate).

Don’t You Want To Make Your Life Easier And Automate Your Social Media Posting?

The auto-schedule feature on Hootsuite is easy to use and if you get creative, it can really help automate a lot of the minutia 🙂 I find it especially useful to use their autoschedule function and when I’m scheduling posts out for a 30 day period for example set it:

  • first, to ‘only Mondays at 6:45am’ to load #MotivationalMondays posts,
  • then go back through and switch it to only Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sat at 10am and 1pm times for posting news on the particular industry,
  • then switch one more time to post soft-sell once per week only on Thursdays at 3:30pm

Whatever works best for your business is what you should do … (happy to help you figure out a good posting schedule if you’re stuck, just click here to schedule a 5 minute call).

It’s easy (instructions below) and it will look like this …

autoschedule social media posts with hootsuite

How-To Use Hootsuite AutoSchedule Function For Scheduling Social Media Posts:

From the Hootsuite dashboard, click on settings and then Autoschedule.  From there, choose number of posts, days and time frames.  My suggestion is to set up a month at a time so you can get in the rhythm and take advantage of this great feature.  For example, if you’ve changed it to Mondays at 6:45am, you could set up the next 4 #MotivationalMondays posts 🙂  Either way, don’t be afraid to change the autoschedule settings to automate as much as possible whatever you’re doing.

Pin it for later with this link, Don’t be silly use your autoschedule function in Hootsuite.

We can chat through a strategy that might make sense for you.  Give me a shout on Clarity, click here now to set up a time.

PS – Please don’t misunderstand – this is only a —part— of your social media posting strategy … this is the part where you are building a reputation as an authority and a resource on your subject.  Don’t think for a minute that you won’t need to actually spend time ‘socializing’ “out and about” on the various channels – the only way to build a true following and a community (and inevitably, and hopefully evangelists!) is to make sure you’re engaging in a two-way conversation.  Be sure to comment and respond back to any interaction on your posts (negative responses are a different post!) and then take the time to ‘chat’ on Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media channels to participate in the ongoing conversation and where possible, to add to it and not just ‘make noise’ for no reason- people’s attention spans are tiny, add value, enrich the conversation, don’t detract.  And, when you’re “out and about” on the interwebs, you can use the handy-dandy Chrome Hootlet extension to make it even easier to share cool things you find along your online journey!

I leave you with this, keep the social in ‘doing’ social media 🙂

Till next time, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or just want to chat something out … I love to brainstorm with people 🙂  It sounds weird to say, but we can talk by the minute, it’s easy to do through Clarity, the ‘advice from experts’  🙂 use this link.

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