Tiny Gray Matters A Day In The Life of FlutterbyBarb

Tiny Gray Matters

A Day In The Life of FlutterbyBarb

10511341_704229599654519_4103290069991011805_n (1)So, here I am … a Mommy.  I turned 40 right before my first-born came into the world.  You don’t know me yet, but soon you will understand that in my mind, ‘Age is but a number’ (yes, my wise and wonderful Grannie Goose taught me that (and my Mom of course – which means, yup, you guessed it, I heard it allllllll the time!) … It was funny, while I was pregnant, my age became a central focus as I was labeled a ‘Geriatric Pregnancy’ (!#!@$#) LOL

Anywho, I digress … so I’m a Social Mommy and that means that I share my experiences and aha! moments along the way on my social media channels … why there?  Because that is ‘my jam!’ I love social media marketing and am a total geek when it comes to socializing online … both personally and professionally.  When I’m not facebooking or pinning or tweeting out #BabyHacks and #LifeHacks, you’ll find me helping organizations get noticed online so they can build buzz around their product/brand/service and at the same time build a reputation of being an authority and resource in their space.

And there I go again … that happens a lot … 😉

Seriously though, I just wanted to say Welcome!  I’m looking forward to your company along my journey and our ‘chats’ so please do chime in and please do make a comment on any of my posts … it’s me you’re talking to and I am a giant fan of responding 🙂  And, yes, a giant fan of ice cream too – which I’m now trying to cut out as I get healthy and have a little one looking to me for guidance and as an example of how to live life … whoa!  That’s pretty heavy lifting there, eh?  Still, in the end, I truly believe they are all indeed TINY GRAY MATTERS that added together make up a whole life, because living in the moment is all we have … so join me on this crazy ride called parenthood (oh and did I mention new-ish wife-y roll?  Yup, my awesome hubby and partner and best friend is the love of my life and we got married a couple of years back!) and let’s discover better, more efficient ways to do the day-to-day parenting stuff as a stay-at-home caregiver, and help each other out.

By the way, last thought – I do looooooooove to share great product finds and recommend things when I loooooooooove them … and you’ll recognize that because I’ll start out by saying: “Oops, I did it again, I fell in love).  I mention this because I want to be completely transparent, I have affiliate relationships with some companies and you can find all the ones included on this page here on my site.  I keep it updated pretty regularly and add new folks in … but sometimes I take one off, and that happens because I no longer stand behind their product/brand/service.  Yup, sorry, I’ve got pretty high expectations and am finick-y like that … But, again, I digress … so, let’s get started!

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