With more than 65 million tweets per day people have began to call Twitter the “SMS system of the internet.” Twitter has become one of the most basic applications to use by using text-based posts of 140 characters or less per post to the authors personal page and to their “followers” who have subscribed to them. Twitter offers many different ways for a business owner to represent their business.

  • For small companies that need to market themselves Twitter search engines love new content and helps to bring it up in related searches
  • You can create a one-on-one relationship by customers tweeting at you and you @ replying to these customers
  • Tweets can be sent on the go from computers or cell phones instantly to quickly reach your audience

Results have shown that businesses that use Twitter have an increase in both sales and customer satisfaction. Customers have an easy source to find out what is going on with your business. Twitter when utilized can be a powerful and useful communication tool.

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