Why Social Media?

As a Small Business Owner, why should you care about Social Media anyway?

These powerful recommendation engines help you get found online, and ultimately, turn your brand evangelists into mini-megaphones, doing your marketing for you!

Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2016

  • 1.51 billion mobile monthly active users as of March 31, 2016

One Billion people .  100 million people on LinkedIn.  200 million registered users on Twitter.  7 million users on Foursquare. Every day, 2 billion YouTube videos are viewed.  Google+ broke records when 24 million users flocked to the new service.

Are you reaching them?

A blended and highly customized combination of Social Media is the platform of choice among successful marketers today, and communicating your message and creating a community has never been easier – or “free-r.”  Including a Facebook fan page, a Twitter profile, a LinkedIn company profile, email marketing, video marketing, forum participation, article submission, directory listings, link building efforts, along with maintaining a blog in addition to some updated traditional marketing like press release distribution can be the formula to ensure that your content is noticed by the search engines, – and by virtue getting the eye balls.

Social Media has benefits.

  • Social Media is an extremely cost effective solution for generating Brand Awareness
  • Social channels create content distribution centers and repositories [see rule # 1: Content is King]
  • Content shared on these platforms is index-able by the search engines [i.e. helps in your SEO efforts]
  • Potential source of leads that you might not have ‘gotten in front of’ otherwise
  • Opportunity to establish your brand/product/company as an authority and resource [after all, people are seeking information nowadays, why wouldn’t you be the one providing it?]
  • helps to create a sense of ‘community‘ around your brand
  • makes it socially acceptable for your brand to be in that space and for your brand to participate in the conversation that is already going on
  • gives you valuable information about your brand (“fly on the wall effect”)
  • if used, properly, can increase affinity for your brand
  • helps tailor your message to the right format and the right places

Is your business participating in the conversation that is already taking place … with or without you?

In today’s marketplace, having an online presence is important …  Your customers and prospective clients are part of these channels – and likely, they are talking about your brand, product, service, or industry; interacting with others and sharing their experiences.  Are you listening?  Participating?  Connecting?  

Having a branded and consistent online presence is a necessity to make sure your customers know they are interacting with YOUR BRAND.

Have you created an online extension of your brand? By making sure you match the colors, fonts, and overall imagery to the existing brand’s look and feel, you help the user get a better idea of what to expect and to put them at ease that they are ‘inside of your network.’

It can feel overwhelming to think about all the different channels and how to get involved without drowning.  Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.  We can help you organize your online efforts and put the pieces of the puzzle together so that they work for your needs, within your budget and time constraints, and most importantly, that they help you achieve your goals.


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