Why Traditional Media Methods Still Need to be a Part of your Overall Marketing Strategy

Using Traditional Media Methods as part of a successful Overall Marketing Strategy

Yes, you read that right, I said ‘need’ not ‘could be’ or ‘should be’ … We must respect the fact that large news agencies still generate a great deal of buzz around subjects and one of the great tools they provide is a ‘business review’ … Even if you have been in business for a while, if you’ve never had one and you are a local business, give your local papers a shout (find out who the Business Editor is before calling and/if their preference is to be contacted via email or Twitter instead!). Just like your friends, the folks at the newspapers have preferences, and they don’t make them hard to find … just search on their name (use quotes around the name for improved accuracy of your results) and you’ll quickly find a bio page and a list of preferences. You can also sign up for services to provide this information to you quickly and easily if you’d rather spend your resources making the contact and building the relationship instead of finding the contact.

A few updated traditional tools that should be a part of an Overall Marketing Strategy:

(by the by, here is a great article about landing media coverage without using a press release)

  • Press Releases as part of your monthly content production centered around your monthly themes | distribute on PitchEngine
  • Poignant, Compelling and Exciting Pitches
  • Relationships and staying in touch: use Twitter and other Social Networks to connect (check their preferences!)
  • HARO (Help a Reporter Out): “Sharing your expertise may land you that big media opportunity you’ve been looking for.”
  • Optimized and Branded Media Kit about your Business/Brand (see examples below)

Examples of Media Kits:

Take away: incorporate traditional media techniques to your overall strategy for success.  Above all, remember it’s all about your relationships at the end of the day.


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