Why Video Marketing?

The answer is: Why not Video Marketing?

The opportunity could not be better.  There is no barrier to entry.  The start-up costs are minimal.  With YouTube being both the second largest search engine after Google and owned by them, any content you put on that channel will surely have a higher probability of landing further toward the top of the search results.

There are so many things that video can do that an article can’t … James Wedmore calls it: ‘demonstrability’ – check out this great webinar he’s published about using video effectively.

Ok, so I’ve told you before that I am not an SEO expert, but let’s put some things into perspective.  According to Wedmore, If someone is watching a video and they are taken to another video, they are 10x more conditioned to action.”  That fact, along with the following:

  • People like to watch videos – people like to share videos
  • Google owns YouTube (yes, that means they like to display videos in search results)
  • YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine (people go to find information, why not yours?)
  • Using Metacafe, Vimeo and other video distribution engines creates even more buzz
  • You can package your information for your customer

I could go on an on, but I will let the folks at BtoB give you some great information, check out their presentation below entitled: “Video in Marketing.”

I will leave you with a great conversation between James Wedmore and Lewis Howes -arguably, two of the leading authorities in online marketing.  Listen as they discuss video.

Start video-ing if you haven’t!  Need help developing a video marketing strategy?  We can help … learn more.

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