YouTube is not only music videos and funny video clips but also a great place for businesses to interact with customers. Creating a customized and branded YouTube channel adds onto you company’s presence online.  Your channel provides a place for customers to interact with your brand, products and services through videos. Videos can range from anything a typical day, a customer’s testimonial, or even a how-to video. These videos can be utilized not only on your YouTube channel but also on all different websites such as:

  • Google now uses videos in search results by using tags on YouTube videos; they are index-able by the search engines and often show up higher in the results than written content
  • Gives your audience a chance to get to know you and connect with you
  • Let’s face it, we live in ‘capsulated’ society – everyone wants information, in a packaged form; video is exactly that
  • Facebook and Twitter are also places where these videos can be posted, so even though people might not directly look for you on YouTube they can find your channel through other online channels

The most important part of having a channel is interacting; YouTube is like any social channel and interacting with your audience is extremely important. Whether its making a video thanking your viewers for watching, responding to a comment, or sending a personal message to a subscriber these small actions can turn your viewers into your potential clients.

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Some great videos to give you inspiration as you are creating your video marketing campaign.

In addition to YouTube, consider adding Metacafe and Vimeo to your strategy as well in order to take advantage of the many places you can post and share your videos.  Just be sure that you are changing the videos enough to make them unique content.

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